Things to Consider when Adopting a Pet

  • Please do not adopt a pet on a whim. It is a lifelong commitment to them and should not be undertaken without fully considering whether you have the time and resources to ensure that it has a happy and fulfilled life.

  • Understand that pet ownership is an adult responsibility. Teaching kids to look after animals is important but you must realize they are kids! Children often get tired of the practical side of pet ownership, such as walking the dog when the are tired from school or soccer practice, feeding the pet when their favorite TV program etc. When adopting any pet, it is very likely the parent who will be the person responsible for looking after the pet's day to day well being.

  • Dogs in particular need exercise for their physical and mental well being. Pets need appropriate toys to play with and most importantly human interaction. Ensure that you can provide sufficient time for walks and play.

  • Pets need love and should be considered members of your family and need to be given love and affection to feel a sense of belonging.

  • Choose a pet that is appropriate to your living situation and lifestyle. Consider what size, energy level and temperament of the pet that you wish to adopt, to ensure a good long term match.

  • Make any required alterations to your living area before adopting a pet. Does your yard need fencing? Do you have a specific safe and quiet area set aside for your pet to rest?

  • Check that you are allowed to have a pet in your home, some landlords, homeowner and condo associations prohibit pets.

  • Be patient with your pet as they acclimate to their new surroundings. It is an adjustment on both sides and it may take a few weeks for them to settle down and feel comfortable with their new environment?