My Story with Apollo

Apollo our first Foster.Meet Apollo formerly known as Con, now known as Con. This is where my journey began. I saw his picture posted with a caption only 3 hours left before he is put to sleep. I had to do something! I reached out to a rescue group offering to foster him. The rescue group was able to pull him and I sprung into action and drove straight to Sebring Animal control.

When I arrived they took us back to where the dogs are kenneled. All the dogs were barking non stop and there sat Con so quiet looking up at me with those big gentle eyes. I stuck my hand in his cage and he gently licked it letting me know he was ready to come home. He was so sweet, his golden fur reminded me of the Sun and his strength to endure his past inspired the name Apollo.

Apollo was my first foster. When it came time to take him to an event to try and get him adopted out, I could not fathom life without him. I was now deemed a foster failure lol and adopted him. The love and joy this pit bull has brought to my life gave me the passion and drive to do more. I have made it my mission to make a difference for these abused, neglected and unwanted animals. This is my story and I am excited for others to be apart of my journey.